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I absolutely love how this layout came out ^_^! The light blue color came out great! This div layout features a Duel Monster from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh. The monster is called Dreamsprite, hence the name of this layout.

Navigation is on the right side. I also made a little space above the first section heading that can be used to display personal profile. If you don't want the space, you can simply delete it by following the directions given in the "Index.html" page of the layout. This layout also has a nice big content space, so it can be used for any kind of site, such as blogs, personal, fansite, etc.

This layout is best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer with resolutions 1024 x 768 and 800 x 600.

+ extras +

I made two avatars to go with this layout:

+ terms of use +

Before you download, please take time to read and agree with the terms below:

  1. Please DO NOT rip the source code of this layout. Font color and hover color may be changed, but do so only if you know CSS well enough.
  2. Please keep the credits up on every page of the site. I have spend alot of time making this layout.
  3. If you change anything in this layout, please do not claim this layout as your own.
  4. Please DO NOT use the image in this layout for any other purposes (such as wallpaper, etc). Two avatars are already made for you to use under "Extras"

For additional questions regarding this layout or the TOU, please Contact Me By Clicking Here.

If you think you can follow these simple rules, then what are you waiting for? Click the download button now! ^_^

site credit - the dreamsprite system
layout design credit - Hikari_Tenshi05 @ HTAS
image downloaded from Komet Tails Image Gallery
layout downloaded at Celestial Star
special thanks to Neocities

>> personal profile <<

name: dreamsprite sys

birthday: oct 28 2005

likes: web design, video games, good music, cool fashion

dislikes: posers, tiktok, weebs, cishets

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x- red
x- benrey
x- ZER0

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